Vessel Traffic Services (VTS)

Safely Guiding Your Maritime Journeys

Vessel Traffic Services (VTS): Navigating Safe and Efficient Maritime Traffic

Vessel Traffic Services (VTS) play a critical role in the management of maritime traffic for safety, orderliness, and efficiency. This service is designed to facilitate safe and efficient maritime operations. As DE Maritime, we offer our expertise in Vessel Traffic Services to ensure safe and seamless maritime traffic in Turkish Straits and Turkish ports.

What is VTS?
  • Vessel Traffic Services is a system developed to monitor, direct, and control maritime traffic to ensure the safe navigation of vessels and prevent conflicts.
  • DE Maritime's VTS services guide and regulate vessels operating in Turkish Straits and ports.

Our Services:
  • Monitoring and tracking of vessel traffic
  • Emergency response and coordination
  • Prevention of marine accidents and environmental hazards
  • Provision of information on traffic density and navigation safety
  • Coordination of voyage plans and routes

With our expertise and experience in Vessel Traffic Services, DE Maritime is here to enhance the safety and efficiency of vessel traffic in Turkish waters. We are dedicated to providing you with more information and tailored services to meet your specific needs.

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