Smooth Sailing Through Every Transit.

Transit Agency Services

DE Maritime is your trusted partner for ships transiting through the Turkish Straits. We offer a range of essential services to ensure a smooth transit experience for vessels in both northbound and southbound directions, as well as assisting with sailing plans. Our services include:

  • Cash Deliveries: Quick and secure cash deliveries to meet the financial needs of your vessel during transit.
  • Spare Parts Delivery: Timely and efficient delivery of spare parts to keep your vessel in optimal condition during its journey.
  • Crew Mail Delivery: Reliable crew mail services to keep your crew connected with their loved ones.
  • Courier Package Delivery: Swift and secure delivery of courier packages to meet your vessel's specific needs.
  • Crew Changes: Hassle-free crew change services to ensure a seamless transition of crew members during transit.
  • Bunker and Luboil Supply: Fuel and lubricant supply to keep your vessel operating at peak performance.
  • Fresh Water Supply: Provision of fresh water to meet the needs of your crew and vessel.

Our services are tailored to the unique requirements of vessels transiting through the Turkish Straits, whether they are heading northbound or southbound. We also provide support for creating and managing sailing plans.

Count on DE Maritime as your reliable partner for a successful and efficient transit experience.