About our Vision

To provide the best quality service to the ship, shipowner and customer.
• Maintaining a long-term business relationship with all stakeholders.
• To meet the wishes of the seafarers and the needs of the shipowners in accordance with national and
international legislation and on the basis of scientific criteria.
• To ensure the safety of the personnel and the environment by providing the highest quality services with our expert team in the field, all the services required at the point of crew change are provided by our
institution. As ‘DE-MARITIME’ we can arrange for personnel to be greeted at the airport, transit visa services (immigration,
customs and visa clearance), arrange accommodation, safe, reliable and fast transfer to ensure personnel to
embark the vessel and again personnel leaving the vessel are taken in the fastest and most reliable way and
transferred to the airport in accordance with the flight time following the legal formalities. In the event of any
possible problems that may ocur, are predicted by our experienced agents and resolved with fast and safe