Safe Voyages Begin with DE Maritime in Maritime.

Crew Change at Istanbul Roads

As DE Maritime, we proudly offer cost-effective crew change services at Istanbul Roads, with a steadfast commitment to the following conditions:

  • Streamlined Transitions: Our priority is to ensure streamlined transitions for maritime professionals. Crew members holding valid Passports and Seaman Books can embark or disembark without incurring any additional fees.
  • Equitable Crew Exchanges: To maintain efficiency and fairness, we strictly enforce a policy that the number of embarking crew members should not exceed the number of disembarking crew members.
  • Regulatory Adherence: We are unwavering in our dedication to adhering to all national and international regulations throughout the crew change process.
  • Comprehensive Support: Beyond the essentials, we provide comprehensive support for crew members, including:
    • Crew Handling: Meet & greet, hotel bookings, shore passes, travel arrangements, and more.
    • Crew Welfare: Access to medical services (doctor and dentist appointments), mail services, and prepaid telephone calling cards.
    • Cash to Master: Ensuring seamless financial transactions.
  • Our aim is to ensure a secure and seamless experience for all crew members.
  • Your Trusted Partner: DE Maritime is your trusted partner in the maritime industry. Our crew change services are designed to offer convenience, compliance, and peace of mind for shipowners, operators, and crew members alike.

With DE Maritime, your maritime journey begins smoothly and confidently at Istanbul Roads, where our crew change services reflect our commitment to your convenience, compliance, and overall well-being.