About Us

We're proud to share our values and vision behind our top-notch maritime services.

As DE Maritime, we are powered by a dynamic and youthful team, dedicated to providing top-quality services in the maritime sector. Our commitment is to deliver superior services, backed by the enthusiasm and expertise of our young professionals. With a strong emphasis on honesty, safety, and excellence, we aim to contribute to the maritime industry while embracing the fresh perspectives and energy of our team. Our innovative spirit drives us to find creative solutions and continuously improve our services to meet the evolving needs of our clients.


It offers you the services and products offered by DE MARITIME Services in the fastest and most reliable way.


Serving clients to achieve the most efficient possible turnaround of vessels for our clients in maritime industry.

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Plan your voyage with our Canal Transit calculator, or contact a specialist for a quote on all your ports. Our entire network, in one click.

Safety First

Our commitment to safety is paramount. We provide comprehensive safety protocols to ensure a secure maritime experience for both crew and vessels. Your peace of mind is our priority.

Global Network

With a vast global network, we offer services at ports worldwide. Our extensive reach enables us to provide seamless support for vessels wherever they may be.

Environmental Responsibility

Environmental responsibility is a core value for us. We are dedicated to sustainable practices that protect our oceans and minimize our ecological footprint.

Our Vision

• To provide the best quality service to the ship, shipowner and customer.
• Maintaining a long-term business relationship with all stakeholders.
• To meet the wishes of seafarers and shipowners in accordance with national and international legislation and scientific criteria.
• To ensure the safety of the personnel and the environment by providing the highest quality services with our expert team in the field, all the services required at the point of crew change are provided by our institution.

As ‘DE-MARITIME’ we can arrange for personnel to be greeted at the airport, transit visa services (immigration, customs and visa clearance), arrange accommodation, safe, reliable and fast transfer to ensure personnel to embark the vessel and again personnel leaving the vessel are taken in the fastest and most reliable way and transferred to the airport in accordance with the flight time following the legal formalities. In the event of any problems, predicted by our experienced agents and resolved with fast and safe solutions.

Our Mission

Carrying out our customer satisfaction-oriented service quality to a higher level every day and to realize the global marine crew change in line with quality standards.

  • Providing safe, efficient and cost-effective service.
  • Being honest and responsible in all kinds of activities.

• By providing the most suitable working environment, to increase the quality of life of the employees and their contributions.

  • To create a business model to add more value to partners.
  • Aiming to be the best, if not the biggest in the world.

Quality Policy

As an organization that provides agency services to organizations operating in the maritime field, the satisfaction and safety of our customers and the people we serve is our priority;

To provide service beyond the expectations of our customers and those we serve,

To implement an effective and efficient quality management system in accordance with legal requirements in the execution of our service-related activities and to continuously improve our system,

To provide a healthy, safe and suitable working environment for our employees and to ensure and increase the continuity of our service quality, to increase awareness of quality and customer satisfaction, to provide training and development of our employees in line with their training needs,

To maintain and develop mutually harmonious and beneficial relations with all our stakeholders,

To prioritize the safety of our customers and to protect and ensure the confidentiality of customer information and the personal information of the ship personnel we serve,

Our basic policy is to constantly improve and improve our service quality.

Our principles;

  • Honesty and Trust,
  • Respect for Society, Humans and the Environment,
  • Transparency

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